Kollektion: Indre Paulina Zvirzdyte

I am Indre Paulina Zvirzdyte, fashion designer originally from Lithuania and currently based in Aarhus. As a child I showed big interest for arts and creation, this led me to art studies and later fashion design Masters. Now after 10 years of studies in creative field, I have a desire to share my work with others.

My inspiration comes in form of the human connection with nature, it is interesting to research its relationship with each other, starting from music, photography, nature and its creatures or just simple daily experiences. Most of my drawings are improvised portraits, drawings of the human figure,

hands, eyes, flowers and leaves. My artistic expression includes improvisation by mixing techniques and dyes types and paper, this allow me to look at the things from a different perspective and creates new fresh outcomes.

When I paint, I try to put positivity and good energy in the art, so that those who look will find good memories. My paintings express dynamic composition, bright colours, decorative elements, which creates balance and harmony. All my paintings are born as spontaneously ideas crossed my mind, and I work it out on the paper to its best. One idea inspires another.

For me painting is like yoga, mind is fully relaxed but at the same time is most sharp. The feeling of freedom to express myself in my own way, it is an open space to create, fail and learn.

Follow me at Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/indrepaulina/

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