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My name is Marlene Korsgaard and I am the person behind Galleri Marlene. I have been painting for many years and painting has been a colorful journey and a huge challenge as well as a personal development. 

My mind possesses a strong will, endurance and a certain amount of stubbornness, which are qualities I, among other things, use when I create my art. 

When I paint, my mind is filled with therapeutic strokes, lines and figures emerge in the very well-considered color composition. It is the color composition and the many details that together make up the whole of my paintings. 

I have been creative all my life and been aware of how important the creative is to me in order to maintain a balance and wholeness for my person. Having something, creating something that is completely my own, is very essential to me. 

I experience great humility and gratitude when my paintings fly from the nest and find a new home. I am so happy with the "lid" when my art is chosen and I am sincerely happy about the many positive feedbacks and pictures I receive. 

Description of my paintings:

My paintings are painted in many layers and you can see through the layers in some areas of the painting where other areas are closed. The many details are important to me and one well-considered color composition forms the whole of the creation of my works. 

My paintings are painted with joy, energy and love. 

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