Collection: Steffen B. Petersen

Steffen B. Petersen was born in 1949, and in the course of his life he fulfilled his childhood dream to become a researcher of nature. He has an innate curiosity forwards anything he observes in nature be that small or large.

Presently he is a full professor at Aalborg University in Denmark, but he has enjoyed very much working in several other countries such as Norway, USA, Portugal and Argentina. He is very fond of research based teaching and he believes he learns as much as the students during teaching sessions. As a pass time activity he became interested in Mathematics, and its application to natural science. In particular image processing and analysis caught his interest. He wrote his own suite of Image analysis programs, and among the creations he enjoyed was to dive into the magical and infinite universe of Mandelbrot - and some colorful discoveries from his excursions into this fascinating universe are on display at this web site.

Steffen B. Petersen is a member of both the Danish and Norwegian Academies for Technical Sciences. Further details on his curriculum can be found in Kraks Blå Bog as well as in Who is Who in the World. Contact: .

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