Ida Publishing ApS publishes, exhibits and sells art cards, posters and beautiful framed canvases with motifs from the works of small and large artists.

With this art manifesto, we want to realize, perpetuate, enlarge and spread the humanist art form and convey the individual's ideas, thoughts and messages to the world. Art in many variations on exclusive prints. The products are sold in this webshop, at galleries and in companies.

In 2024, there are many people who paint and enjoy working with their pictures and crafts in general. Artists who work for joy and desire, while others cannot help it. Artists who don't have their own gallery or any agent to broker a sale and may never have thought along those lines. And artists who have never looked at their work with commercial eyes or the idea of ​​getting out into the world. Before now.

In close cooperation with the individual publisher, we exhibit and sell their selected works on art cards, posters and canvases and make them available to everyone. The artist receives a fee for each sale. For pleasure and benefit.

We do this for you as an artist:

  • We multiply your art.
  • We magnify your art
  • We make your art come true
  • We immortalize your art
  • We immortalize your art
  • We print your art
  • We sell your art
  • We give your art a brand new life and spread it - to everyone.

Contact us today and hear about your many options.

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