Each of these artists is affiliated with Ida Publishing. They want to see their artwork in a new light and reach out more widely with their art and messages.

Some are hobby artists while others are professionals. Each artist receives a percentage of sales, which they use to develop their skills, keep for themselves, or donate to charity.

Before long, we will launch a map that shows which region the individual belongs to, just as we are in the process of selling their art cards to local shops and florists in their local area.

Until then, their profile pages are displayed in alphabetical order:

Doris Beltoft. Helgenæs - East Jutland

Eva Vig. Gallery Forever. Bække - Southern Denmark

Helvi Mølgaard Pedersen. Block house. Northern Jutland

Interior Paulina Zvirdyte - Aarhus - East Jutland

Lissen Røtkjær - Hune - North Jutland

Marlene Korsgaard - Jerslev J. - North Jutland

Steffen B. Petersen - Hune - North Jutland

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