Send a free electronic art card

Ida Publishing offers our customers to send e-cards of our affiliated artists' designs. Find your favorite artist, click on your favorite picture and send the e-card via e-mail, SMS or share on SoMe. You decide! The e-card can be sent for birthdays, an anniversary, a holiday or just because. Enjoy!

Doris Beltoft

My pictures are about seeing. About really seeing what is. The surprising, the miraculous, the beauty of the prosaic, the mundane, the banal. This is what Doris Beltoft says about her pictures, which are exhibited and sold via Ida Publishing. Her beautiful pictures can also be sent as e-cards - completely free of charge. Link to Doris Beltoft's art cards, posters and canvas prints can be found here !

Eva Vig

"Bring the colors into your home" says Eva Vig, who works with unpretentious compositions that bring clear and bright colors into the home and create an optimistic and happy atmosphere. Buy Eva Vig's art cards, posters and canvas prints here !

Helvi Mølgaard Pedersen

Through Ida Publishing, Helvi Mølgaard Pedersen wants her own images to inspire others, so that they discover the value of Conversational Images and want to continue working with the method either alone or together with others. Link to Artist page and art cards, posters and canvas prints here !

Inner Paulina Zvirzdyte

For me painting is like yoga, mind is fully relaxed but at the same time is most sharp. The feeling of freedom to express myself in my own way, it is an open space to create, fail and learn. Follow me on Instagram:

Lissen Røtkjær

What I enjoy the most is when what happens on the canvas or in what is written goes hand in hand with my dreams and what happens in physical reality, when it all blends together and follows each other like pearls on a string - Lissen Røtkjær

Marlene Korsgaard

My paintings are painted in many layers and you can see through the layers in some areas of the painting where other areas are closed. The many details are important to me and a well-considered color composition forms the whole in the creation of my works. My paintings are painted with joy, energy and love.

Read more about me and see my website here:

Steffen B. Petersen

Mathematics has a reputation of being difficult, boring and certainly not beautiful. But nothing could be more wrong. Mathematics perhaps holds the very key to understanding our world. Maybe our universe is based on information and the interactions between objects dictated by math - Steffen B. Petersen