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Lissen Røtkjær

The mask

The mask

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This motif is now available as an exclusive beautiful poster with glass and frame from HOEI Denmark .

About the Mask: At the Iron Age market at Voergård Castle I bump into the mask, made by Jean Smith Borglum. I am immediately captivated, but it is only a few hours later that I realize that the mask must be the main figure in the picture.

We don't care about "evil", the serpent and now the mask of the devil, we crucify it, creating blockages, symbolized by the "veil"/spider web. The blockages mean that we can now (in contrast to the purity of Adam and Eve's paradise) only glimpses come into contact with the spiritual. "Sad show", I immediately thought, but the veil perhaps also protects us from being overwhelmed by "the other side". Perhaps this is what schizophrenic people lack: the veil, the barrier between the earthly and the spiritual/astral.

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