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Helvi Mølgaard Pedersen



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Exclusive double cards printed on 250 gram silk paper can be purchased with an envelope.

Closedness. A mad apple on an oak leaf flying in the wind appeared on my paper one day in the 1980s. Actually, I called the picture Loneliness because it was formed from that feeling. Later I discovered the wasp's amazing ability: the larva, later the pupa and finally the adult wasp developed inside the gall without destroying the oak leaf. It was a new insight for me, which resulted in the picture being given a new title Trust. Put in series here with the other picture Openness, because the 2 pictures were made almost simultaneously, it ended up being called Closedness. Presentation for discussion: Disease or symbiosis? The end is the beginning. The cycle of life. - Helvi Mølgaard Pedersen

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