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Steffen B. Petersen



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Mathematics has a reputation of being difficult, boring and certainly not beautiful. But nothing could be more wrong. Mathematics perhaps holds the very key to understanding our world. Maybe our universe is based on information and the interactions between objects dictated by math. Whatever the truth may turn out to be, math also reveals an inner beauty as shown in these studies of the socalled mandelbrot set, where a simply mathematical equation is studied, and the results constitute a universe in its own right -and can be visualized in stunning vivid colours. There is an infinity of locations one can visualize - and a few have been selected for this selection - Steffen B. Petersen

This canvas print is produced at HOEI Denmark and stretched on a stable wooden wedge frame. The structure in the canvas fabric, together with the exclusive print, ensures that the motif has a first-class look with the brightest colours.

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