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Lissen Røtkjær

The snake

The snake

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Title: The Serpent

This canvas print is produced at HOEI Denmark and stretched on a stable wooden wedge frame. The structure in the canvas fabric ensures, together with the exclusive print, that the motif has a first-class look with the brightest colors.

About the motif: The initial idea was to depict the process from birth/the start of the relationship, over the "challenges" that arise along the way and to the final phase, where you come back to the starting point, where the peace/calm/idyll is restored - but in a new way.

In an awakening phase, I get the ingredients for the snake image: a tree, a snake, an eye (on high) and the leaves that detach from the tree and become birds. The image describes the snake as the one who sets in motion a development which creates the transformation of the leaves into birds.

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